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Welcome to Monkey Wrench Music Electric Ukuleles

Monkey Wrench Music emerged from one man’s desire for innovation with the ukulele. Modern ukulele players require versatile instruments that can adapt to various musical settings in order to produce a broader range of music. A new medium to an old sound is possible with this new style of ukulele.

Monkey Wrench ukuleles are designed for the serious ukulele player who does not want a mass produced, cookie cutter, cheap, piece-of-shit instrument. Built with wood native to the Pacific Northwest islands, we pride ourselves on quality American craftsmanship for our great sounding, ascetically beautiful ukuleles. These artisan quality, solid body instruments are large enough to hold and fun and comfortable to play.

Have you ever wanted to play lead in an electric setting? Now you can without having to learn a six string guitar. The “new wave” ukulele player will no longer be regarded as the luau entertainers of the past. The Monkey Wrench ukulele musician can now produce a unique sound that lends itself to solo play or to compliment accompanying instruments. Play a Monkey Wrench ukulele and your audience will never doubt the seriousness of your music .

Monkey Wrench Music is committed to designing quality instruments and accessories for that special musician who is looking for an original, unique sound. Keep coming back to see more instruments and products.

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