While we take pride in our high standard for fit and finish, we cannot produce instruments to the level of cosmetic “perfection.” If you can’t forgive the  small sanding mark, or the luster of a hand sprayed finish, then this may not be what you want. These very minor imperfections tell you that this instrument was hand-made by a luthier and not a machine or a factory.

We are a small manufacturer that hand builds our instruments and hand applies our finishes. The finish has a beautiful, rich luster, but may include small imperfections when put under close examination.


The finish consists of 2 coats of a vinyl sealer sanded with 320. Then a minimum of 5 coats of nitrocellulose lacquer sanded with 400 to 600 between coats. Then a final sand and lightly buffed with a fine compound.

Ordering policy

Here’s my policy for building to order.

As far as options there are not many limitations. This is how I do custom orders; I will try to build the ukulele within the parameters of what you want. If you like it, you get first chance to purchase it.  You are under no obligation. It takes approximately one month from when I receive your request until it is finished.( I do have several custom orders in production, so it may take a bit longer). I reserve the right for artistic license. While I take your suggestions and requests for specifics, the final product will be a reflection of my personal and professional judgment.  I will send you pictures during the process. If you want something really exotic; for example an expensive pickup or other features that would hinder me from selling it, I will require a deposit. Most requests do not require a deposit.   Feel free to ask me any questions. Most all of my ukuleles are one of a kind and they are all hand made. I like to use figured woods that are unique and have a special character.

What is covered under my instrument’s warranty?

Monkey Wrench music instruments are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, to the original purchaser, for one year from the purchase date. This limited warranty constitutes the entire warranty of Monkey Wrench Music with regards to its instruments. No representation or warranty by any Monkey Wrench Music salesperson, dealer, agent, representative or employee shall be binding upon Monkey Wrench Music other than as expressly set forth herein.  Blems and seconds are sold as is.

The Monkey Wrench Music Limited Warranty does not cover the following: wear and tear from normal use and any damage that is the result of misuse, abuse, or unauthorized modifications, damages from unauthorized or self-made repairs, improper maintenance, accidents, exposure to adverse temperature and/or humidity, and other careless action, which by its nature results in damage to the instrument or to components not manufactured by Monkey Wrench Music.

5 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase a Monkey Wrench Ukulele and we’ll give you 5 days to try it and see how much you like it.

We do this because we know that this is a great instrument and you will be happy with it.

The Ukulele must be returned in like new shape; without dents, scratches, stains, modifications or any other things that alters it from new.

You must contact us before returning any product. Shipping and insurance charges  are the responsibility of the owner.   We are not responsible for any damage that occurs during  the return shipping  to the factory.

Return Shipping  Address.


564 Eastman Rd

Eastsound Wa 98245



Monkey Wrench Solid Body Electric is in the house!

So, I finally got a solid body steal string tenor. I must begin by saying I am one incredibly picky guy when it comes to my instruments. Ok that being said, I want to fill ya in one this tenor.

I first looked at Risa, Eleuke, and Monkey Wrench. I decide to go with Monkey Wrench for several reasons. They are made by a single luthier, he offered a money back guarantee, and his price were outstanding.

It is a tenor, grover open back tuners, single EMG pick-up which is a humbucker, but is made to sound like a single coil. Alder body with Spalted maple top. I think it is a maple neck, but I forget what the finger board is….

So, the build quality is top notch, intonation is dead on, the balance it perfect. I looks better in person, the pictures ready don’t pick-up all the nuances of the wood. Action is low and buzz free.

So, how does it sound? It kicks serious butt! It is a different beast than an acoustic for sure. I had Jim set it up with a high-g, but he made the nut a bit wider to accommodate a low-g, if I want to switch it out.

Does it sound like a uke? Well, it sounds like a single coil electric uke and it is tons of fun. I’ve been playing through Logic while my kids are asleep in the next room, just fantastic.

The is a serious instrument and is definitely at a professional level on all counts. Currently Jim charging 600 dollars for one, which seems insanely low.

I love this instrument and it is near impossible to walk by it without pick her up. I had some friends come by and one of them plays uke. They all were blown away by how it looks. My friend gave his wife the instant OK to get one. I had to put it away, since the focus my daughters birthday, was quickly moving away from my daughter.

I’ve played electric guitar for years and this is a different instrument. If you are thinking of expanding to electrics, I could not recommend Monkey Wrench any higher. I am seriously considering picking up one of his solid body Nylon Strings.

Another great selling point, Jim answers emails and is a great guy to work with.


Hi Jim,
Well, its been a few weeks since I received the 19″ scale Electric Tenor Uke and I thought I’d let you know how it’s going.
First off, I’d have to say that your description of the uke and the workmanship was extremely accurate.  It’s just as advertised, and as others have commented, the pictures on the website don’t really do it justice.  My wife commented that the uke truly looks much better in person.
As for playability, I am definitely pleased in that department as well.  I’ve only played accoustic ukes previously, so I wasn’t sure how a solid body uke would feel.  It ‘fits’ just fine and has a nice low action.  I also like the multiple wiring configurations of the pickup.  The pickup’s toggle switch, along with the volume and tone controls, give you a really wide range of sound choices from this little guy.  I have it hooked up to a digital modeling amp, so you can imagine I’ll be entertaining myself for a long time with this setup!
All in all Jim, I couldn’t be happier with the uke.  Your followup emails to my questions and prompt shipment reflect true professionalism as well.  The T-shirt and pin were a nice touch; kind of icing on the cake, so to speak.  Thanks again for offering such a great product at an affordable price.  You have my sincere best wishes for future success.  I hope you sell a bunch of Monkeywrench ukes!
Take care,


Hi Jim,  Paul brought me my beautiful ukulele tonight & I am thrilled!  It is truly a work of art & I am honored to own it.

Thank you so much Jim


It’s a wonderful beast. I’ve been playing it constantly. Mostly through my Marshall stack, with awesome results.
All the best
Jerry (Melch)  UK

Hi Jim, back from vacation and got the baritone, its so nice and sounds so good, I am very happy with it, thank you very muchPeter..  Copenhagen


The electric ukulele arrived today, you have done a great job well done, I am very happy with the feel, balance and overall quality of your work.
Paul ….Australia

Your uke arrived undamaged.  Wanted to spend some time playing it before I got back to you.

What a nice instrument!  Fit and finish are great and it plays well up and down the neck.

John.. Santa Cruz. (Recent follow up from John who has had his ukulele for over 6 months ..)

Please keep me in mind when you finish the bari uke.  You do great work and I really like the tenor.


Hi Jim,

I have had a couple of days with my new electric ukulele and am very pleased with it, nicely made, well balanced great action and sound.

A real pleasure to own.



Jim,    I absolutely love it, I get such a warm sound out of it. Thought id send you a video of it in action.

Josh C