January 6th, 2015


Here are some reviews from past customers.

Hi Jim,  Paul brought me my beautiful ukulele tonight & I am thrilled!  It is truly a work of art & I am honored to own it.

Thank you so much Jim


It’s a wonderful beast. I’ve been playing it constantly. Mostly through my Marshall stack, with awesome results.
All the best
Jerry (Melch)  UK

Hi Jim, back from vacation and got the baritone, its so nice and sounds so good, I am very happy with it, thank you very much

Peter..  Copenhagen


The electric ukulele arrived today, you have done a great job well done, I am very happy with the feel, balance and overall quality of your work.
Paul ….Australia

Your uke arrived undamaged.  Wanted to spend some time playing it before I got back to you.


What a nice instrument!  Fit and finish are great and it plays well up and down the neck.

John.. Santa Cruz.  (Recent follow up from John who has had his ukulele for over 6 months ..)

Please keep me in mind when you finish the bari uke.  You do great work and I really like the tenor.


Hi Jim,

I have had a couple of days with my new electric ukulele and am very pleased with it, nicely made, well balanced great action and sound.

A real pleasure to own.



Hi Jim
Myrtle has arrived and lives up to all of your claims, you have a great eye for detail and finish, good hands you have indeed!
Kind regards
Still loving the uke that you made us!

” Uke is amazing. Exceeded my expectations. Sounds incredible.”
 Ian B.  Paramount Pictures. ( Double cutaway  long scale tenor)
“Hi Jim. Ukulele had come and plays great. Very happy thanks a lot! ”
Will S , Australia   ( Double cutaway Long scale Tenor uke)

“This email is long overdue.

The ukulele you’ve crafted is amazing, beautiful, plays so smoothly and sounds wonderful.
This is easily one of the best musical related purchases I’ve made in year.”

Kind Regards,

Liam     Arziona Usa  ( Long scale Tenor Uke)

the eagle has landed,uke is perfect no problems or accidents while shipping.
congratulation you are an artist i like the uke very much…looks fine and sounds great….thank you. ”
Norbert       Austria    (Baritone uke)
Just got home…love it…thanks…

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