May 25th, 2014

New Long ScaleTenor Electric Ukulele

Monkey Wrench Electric Tenor Ukulele

This ukulele is SOLD It plays and sounds great! It has a few minor flaws that do not affect its playability at all. This a great ukulele at a great price .

  • •This is figured Blackwood (Acacia like Koa) Tenor with a Hard Oil finish.
  • This ukulele has a vol & tone control.
  • • Tuned in GCEA with a low G string. (Can be tuned High G also)
  • • Solid body Steel string Electric Tenor ukulele.
  • • Solid Alder Hardwood Body with ” solid Hardwood top.
  • • Mahogany neck with two fixed carbon fiber truss rods.
  • •  16″ radius Rosewood fretboard with 19″  long scale Tenor.
  • • Open backed geared tuners, and Strap Buttons.
  • • EMG Humbucker dual blade pickups . (A dual-blade hum-canceling design with the clean warmth of a single coil ’50s Strat® guitar pickup. “Blade” pole pieces provide more uniform string-to-string response.)
  • • Black Padded Gig Bag.

If you would like to order a ukulele or get on the list for the next available one please contact me. Check out the blog page for pictures of other ukuleles.


10 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Price:  ………….. (  Discounted  ) SOLD!


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